Sweet As Crêpes began in 2007 when an ambitious twelve-year-old girl called Annabel Shepherd set up a stall at the very first Coatesville Market North of Auckland. The name was a play on words incorporating Annie’s own initials.

The single crêpe maker and a queue each week soon grew and multiplied into a small family business.

We specialise in making fresh French crêpes on the spot. Over the years, traditional flavours such as fresh lemon juice and sugar, apple and cinnamon and butter and sugar have been complemented by favourites such as salted caramel, Nutella and banana and berries and cream— giving our offering a distinctly Kiwi twist.

Some people enjoy just watching us; most cannot resist having a taste! We now have a huge following of local crêpe-lovers who seek us out, loyalty cards in hand, to get their crêpe “fix” wherever we are.

A delicious range of sweet and savoury toppings is on offer and we pride ourselves in using the best and freshest ingredients we can find—preferably sourced locally. Prices start from $7 for a delicious, large, thin crêpe with a simple sweet topping through to $9 for more extravagant sweet combinations; savoury crêpes range from $10-12.

We also have several gluten-free options and love creating limited editions for special occasions, themed events and weddings.

From small beginnings, markets, school fairs and family gatherings, we have become the local experts in this field and have now grown into an established business with events each week in Auckland and on the North Shore.